2021 Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies Available!!!

UPDATED:  09/15/2022

Please contact Arika to reserve your new best friend.

Currently we have an adult Bernese Mountain Dogs looking for fantastic home.


He is 6 years old and has been a sire for us for several years now. He is retiring and looking for a new home.  He loves kids and has been a ranch dog his entire life.  He will need to be neutered, he is an outdoor dog.  NO CATS.  He is healthy and loves life.  Fee Applies. Located in Colorado.













One Reply to “2021 Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies Available!!!”

  1. Hello, my name is Charlene Rickett.
    Me and my fiance are looking into buying a new puppy for our home. All our kids are grown, and we know it’s time to have some fur babies to add to our empty nest.
    We live in Elbe Wa, on 11 acres. We have been contemplating getting a new addition to our family for a long time. After research and many talks about breed, temperament, grooming, and health, we have decided that a bernese would best grow old with us.
    We are looking for a female puppy. Not to breed, its just my preference. Our puppy would be spade at proper age.
    Just a heads up, my fiance would like two puppies, but I’m trying to convince him one is enough.
    Please let me know if you have a fur baby that would fit our small family.
    Thank you,

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