2021 Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies Available!!!

UPDATED:  10/12/2021

Please contact Arika to reserve your new best friend.

Currently we have a few adult Bernese Mountain Dogs looking for fantastic homes.

Gracie and Mateo—-must go as a pair

These two are from our breeding program and due to unforeseen life changes have come back to us to find a new home.  Ages 3 and 4.  House trained, good with kids, good with cats and other dogs.  Spayed/Neutered and healthy.

Fee Applies




He is 5 years old and has been a sire for us for several years now. He is retiring and looking for a new home.  He loves kids and has been a ranch dog his entire life.  He will need to be neutered.  NO CATS.  He is healthy and loves life.  Fee Applies.